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OPD Steps Up Enforcement of Skateboard Laws

Oceanside CA- The Oceanside Police Department is using an Educational Enforcement policy regarding illegal skateboarding in the downtown business district.
Officers will be contacting people they observe skating illegally, inform them of the laws and will be citing repeat offenders.

Oceanside Police Lieutenant, Karen Laser, told attendees of the Main Street Oceanside monthly meeting that the department realizes Oceanside is a surf town and skateboarding is a way of commuting. “We don’t want to be too aggressive on enforcement” said Laser. Enforcement in Oceanside is complicated by the fact that the city is a tourism destination and some skaters are not familiar with the skateboard laws in the business district. The Resource Team is working with businesses to find a happy median for signage in the district.

Skating is banned on the sidewalks of the Oceanside business district along with the pier and amphitheater area. Skaters are also encouraged to take advantage of the five skate parks available in the city.

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