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Commercial Recycling Mandate Workshop

Oceanside CA- The City of Oceanside will host their final AB341, Commercial Recycling Mandate, workshop on September 25 at 8:30 in the Oceanside Public Library Community Rooms, 330 N. Coast Hwy. The workshop will be geared toward Property Management, HOA’s, Hotels and Multi-Family recycling but not limited to those areas.

Assembly Bill 341, Commercial Recycling Mandate requires a city’s waste collection be 75 percent recycling by the year 2020. The laws current rate is 50 percent of collected material be recyclables. Oceanside is way ahead of the game with a current rate of 72 percent, said Collen Foster, the city’s Analyst of Solid Waste and Recycling. Foster said Oceanside’s goal for 2020 is a 90 percent rate of recycling.

When the bill was first passed, there was a lot of concern about the added costs the mandate would place on businesses. Foster said, a business will actually see a cost reduction after doing a free audit on their waste management procedures and following the recommendations.

The workshop will explain the State and City’s recycling regulations, show how to get rebates and gain access to special programs that help reduce expenses and increase a company’s profit. To reserve a seat for the workshop, email; oceansiderecycles@ci.oceanside.ca.us

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