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Remote Control Chaos

Oceanside CA- On the second and fourth Sunday of the month, an informal gathering of remote control car enthusiasts, put their skills to the test.  A course of twists, turns and jumps is set up in the parking lot behind T.C. Hobby’s – 3375 Mission Avenue, for the 20-30 people attending the races. Sundays event had a VIP celebrity racer with actor and former World Wrestling Champion, Bill Goldberg taking the controls with his seven-year old son, Gage. “Little kids seem to be born knowing how to work the controls of these things,” said Goldberg. “This is not easy. My kid is going to do better than me, my wife is probably going to get up here and do better than me,” continued Goldberg.  Goldberg added it didn’t matter how difficult the cars were to control, “anything that you can do with your family is a good thing.”

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Photos: Steve Marcotte/OsideNews

The cars use batteries with different numbers of cells.” The more cells, the faster the cars with some cars capable of traveling 60+ mph.” explains 14-year-old Race Director, Trevor Voss. The race set up for cars at this track will have them reaching up to 25 mph on the straightway. Those speeds coupled with tight turns and different levels of driver experience can lead to some chaotic racing. The race cars compete in classes determined by size and speed with the racing done in heats. The cars have little transponders so Voss is able to keep track of each cars lap times, laps completed and determine the winners.

Race days can fluctuate monthly due to holidays but the events are posted on the SoCal RC.com bulletin board.

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