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We Want Your Photos


Oceanside CA– (Editors Note) I went to the store, today because I had to pick up some stuff for my Chocolate Lab, Sundae. I’m walking through the isles and wondering how in the world can our government not count food and fuel prices in the inflation index? Prices are crazy but that’s for our soon to arrive, editorial page. Anyway, I am forced to the realization that Christmas is just around the corner. I don’t know whose corner but all the stuff is out on display. Cool, I think to myself, I love the holidays. I’m looking at all the pretty lights, the flocked trees and the tiny little villages when I spot a wall of new HDTV’s. Beautiful big screens with Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and John McCain looking big as life and it hits me. Halloween! Halloween is coming up next, not Christmas.
We want photos of your home or business all decked out for Halloween and we will post them in a gallery, on the site. This won’t be limited to Oceanside. We have readers around the world and we would love to get some international flavor in the gallery. For our readers in Great Britain, photos from Guy Fawkes day will work. Our readers in Australia, New Zealand and Japan, if you happen to celebrate the day, you should start pretty soon since Halloween is closer for you. Photos of costumes would be nice for those going to early Halloween parties. We will post as many tasteful photos as we can.
Let me know what you think by leaving a comment, below.