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NCTD Buzz Kill

Oceanside CA- — The North County Transit District announced Monday that it’s seeking public comment on banning the possession and consumption of alcohol on all of its Coaster trains. The NCTD Board of Directors plans to consider the issue Nov. 21.

Passengers aren’t allowed to drink alcoholic beverages on Coaster trains after 9 p.m. under a rule that took effect four years ago, in reaction to frequent reports of rowdy behavior and drunken brawls aboard late northbound runs following weekend Padres games.

Drinks containing alcohol are not served aboard the train.

The transit agency invited the public to comment via email at publiccomment@nctd.org, leaving a telephone message at 760-435-7274, or writing to NCTD, Public Comment, 810 Mission Ave., Oceanside, Calif., 92054.

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