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NCTD Withdraws Booze Ban Proposal, Cancels Meeting

Oceanside CA-(NCTD)  The North County Transit District is withdrawing until further notice consideration of proposed changes to Ordinances 2 and 3 that would have eliminated the consumption of alcohol and open containers of alcohol on the COASTER. Accordingly, the public hearing on proposed changes to these ordinances scheduled for November 21, 2013 is cancelled. The regularly scheduled NCTD Board of Directors meeting scheduled for November 21 will still occur as will the Title VI public hearing.

“NCTD has received robust public feedback about the proposed policy change and this delay will allow staff the time to fully consider this feedback and to review other policy, and safety and security considerations,” said Matthew Tucker, NCTD Executive Director. Tucker said the District greatly values the thoughtful discourse it has received from customers and others in the region.
The withdrawal of staff’s recommendation to ban the consumption of alcohol on the COASTER will also provide time for NCTD to evaluate the impact of increased presence of Sheriff Deputies and Code Enforcement in managing customer behavior issues.

Over the next several months, NCTD will continue the evaluation of existing policies, the public feedback that it has received to date, and the impact of the increased security staff to develop alternatives for the Board to consider some time in 2014. District staff will also create a working group composed of customers and key stakeholders to assist in the review of potential alternatives for proposed changes which may include; maintaining the current recommendation to disallow alcohol consumption and open containers of alcohol on the COASTER, maintain the policy currently in effect that allows alcohol consumption and open containers of alcohol on the COASTER until 9 p.m., and/or further limitations on consumption such as a ban on alcohol for specified days and/or events.

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