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K-Mart Turns Off Blue Light Special in Oceanside

Oceanside CA- The last Oceanside K-Mart is closing its doors at the of the year. Employees found out in October, that they were losing their jobs at the store and have been busy marking everything, in the store, down in price. Currently, everything is 10-30% off the lowest marked price and those discounts are expected to get bigger as the end draws closer for the store. The store is not participating in any national advertised specials and all sales are final. The shelves are still fairly full and there is a good selection of most items in the inventory but the shelves are emptying fast as word spreads of the closing. Oceanside was once home to two K-Marts with the Mission Avenue store closing its doors in the early 1990’s.

K-Mart,  purchased by Sears in 2005, started selling Sears brand items such as Craftsman and Kenmore and brought back the popular Lay-A-Way program. K-Mart has drawn fire for stores being open on Thanksgiving Day where most store are shut down in preparation for Black Friday events.

Stores in Temecula and Ramona are staying open for business as usual.

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