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Mission Avenue Maze

Photos: Steve Marcotte / OsideNews

Oceanside CA- The barricades and signs are up and the cones laid out as the Mission Avenue Improvement Project moves into the final phases.

Drivers are directed to the far left lane of Mission Ave, at Clementine, as they travel west-bound. Vehicles are then redirected back to the right hand side of Mission at Ditmar St as they approach Coast Highway where two lanes are open.mission_improvement06_osidenews

In the Mission Avenue Improvement Couplet Project, Mission Avenue will become a one-way street, west-bound and Seagaze, one-way east-bound to Clementine where traffic is directed back to Mission and I-5 access. The reduction of a four lane, two-way street, to a one-way street will not add lanes for traffic flow. Instead, the two lanes westbound will accommodate new, wider sidewalks, a green-line shared traffic bike-way that will link to the San Luis Rey Bike Trail and new landscaping. Approximately 6 new parking spaces will be gained with the new reverse angle parking scheme.
The project, designed to re-invigorate the downtown area East of the Coast Highway is contracted to West Coast General, for 160 days and six phases.

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