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Black Friday Shoppers
Shoppers wait in line in front of the Oceanside Target for Black Friday/Thursday deals.

Short Lines at Oceanside Retailers for Black Friday Deals

Oceanside CA- The lines for Black Friday deals were short in front of the Best Buy and Target stores in Oceanside this Thanksgiving Day, morning. Smaller crowds than in years past may be due to more retailers cashing in on the shopping frenzy providing more options for the bargain hunter and the fact that Black Friday is turning into Black Thursday.


Ivan Barrrueta and Casey Moynahan look over the Best Buy deals while waiting in line for the store to open.

K-Mart which has been open on Thanksgiving for many years, opens at 6:00AM while Best Buy and Toy ‘R Us open their doors at 5:00PM, Wal-Mart deals begin at 6:00PM followed by Target, Kohls, Macy’s and JC Penny opening at 8:00PM.


James Puckett of Vista was first in line at the Oceanside Target

There were seven people waiting in line in front of Best Buy, Thursday morning “I’m here for a 55 inch flat screen TV” said Casey Moynahan ” a couple of them if you want to be precise” Moynahan was fourth in line and had been waiting in front of Best Buy for two days. Ivan Barrrueta, was third in line said he was next to a guy that was in line since Sunday and that guy just got up and left. James Puckett of Vista, was first in line at the Oceanside Target but he didn’t get to the store until he got off work on Wednesday night. If you are not one of the first twenty people in line” Puckett said, “you may as well forget it because they have a limit on things at the good price.”  Puckett was there for a TV and a new iPad and had support from friends who were bring him supplies and one friend that was bringing him Thanksgiving dinner. “I was going to go to Best Buy but the prices were just better here” said James.

While some retailers are pushing the envelope on Black Friday to Black Thursday, some retailers are resisting the push so their employees can have the day off to be with family. “Our employees work especially hard during the holiday season, and we simply believe that they deserve the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with their families,”  said Costco VP Paul Latham. Barnes and Noble, Game Stop, The Home Depot and Nordstrom’s  are a few of the companies that will stick to the traditional Friday openings.



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