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Black Friday Traffic? Not so Bad.


Traffic at the Intersection of Jefferson and Marron Rd near Plaza Camino Real was very light, at 11:00AM, for a holiday shopping weekend.

Oceanside CA- Black Friday traffic around area shopping malls has been a nightmare in the past. This year, that is not the case. Troubled spots such as the intersection of Vista Way and Jefferson or El Camino Real near the the Westfield Plaza El Camino Mall, in Carlsbad are seeing light traffic, less than you would see on a regular Saturday. There is plenty of parking at all local retailers with the exception of the Walmart and Best Buy, on Vista Way. The lots have parking available but close in parking is at a premium.


Black Friday traffic on the Jefferson St, HWY 76 overpass has been a traffic nightmare in years past.

The early morning rain may have played a role in the lighter than usual traffic and the earlier start to the Black Friday sales maybe a contributing factor. Black Friday sales are expected to increase this year, but not at the same rate they did last year, with consumers indicating that they do not feel comfortable spending more this holiday season, according to surveys by the leading retail forecast firms. Americans plan to spend an average of $706 on gifts this year, an 8 percent drop from $770 last year, Gallup reported last week. Upper- and middle-income households are scaling back the most: They plan to spend $87 and $80 less this year, respectively.

“Americans are now feeling more restrained about holiday shopping.… What looked to be a relatively solid holiday season shaping up for retailers now runs the risk of being a less than merry one,” Gallup said in a statement.

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