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365 surfboards

365 Surfboards Author at Surf Museum

Oceanside CA-  365 Surfboards author, Ben Marcus will have a slideshow lecture and book signing event on Saturday, December 7, 6:00PM at the California Surf Museum, 312 Pier View Way.

365 Surfboards is a book that is a chronological display of surfboards from the caballito de tortora of Peru, to olo and alaia and then through kookboxes, Hot Curls, balsa, twin fins, thruster and everything in between, up to the present.

Earlier this year, author Ben Marcus and photographer Lucia Griggi drove from Seattle to La Jolla, photographing surfers, shapers and collectors with their favorite surfboards including Matt Warshaw, author of The Encyclopedia of Surfing, feeling a little landlocked in Seattle; Gerry Lopez carefully unbending a broken leg in Bend; Greg Noll on the Smith River; Dale Webster in front of the schoolhouse they used in the Hitchcock movie The Birds; Jeff Clark with a modern version of a classic 1991 Mavericks gun; and Wingnut with three of his favorites, in his Pleasure Point backyard.

The book is already popular. Be sure to attend Ben’s slideshow lecture and book signing to get your autographed copy. 304 pages. $20 each.

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