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Looking for Lights

Oceanside CA- We are putting together a map of Christmas light display locations and would like your help in discovering the local hot-spots. Individual homes are good and those neighborhoods where everyone on the street gets involved would be great too. Please leave a comment below or send an email to steve@osidenews.com if you live in Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas down to Solana Beach and Del Mar and to the I-15 on the east side. We  hope to have the map up by December 19 so your input would be very much appreciated.

An example of neighborhood street is Lemonwood Ct in Oceanside. Steve Gregg and Larry Martinez are joined by others on Lemonwood in creating a beautiful  block-long display. Greggs’ lights are set to music that you tune in on the car radio.

It takes Steve Gregg approximately 4 hours of programming for each minute of music, 3 months planning and four weekends to set up. Gregg said the the 4 hours for programming is down from the 10 hours it took when he first started the project.

The display stats for the Gregg home at 590 Lemonwood;

Total lights: 12,060 individual LEDs
Combined length of lights: 3,605 feet
Extension Cords: 52
Combined length of extensions cords: 1,509 feet
Total Controllable Channels: 198
Display Planning: 20 hours
Programming: 110 hours
Installation: 80 hours
Show run time: 18.8 minutes
Entire show runs on a single 20 amp circuit!
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