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Parade Prep

Oceanside CA- Local boaters are preparing their various water craft for tonight’s parade of lights. Cory Walters readies his boat ‘Tillertime’ for the event, with a lighted Santa, strings of mini lights and lots of cable ties. Cory uses a 2,000 watt generator to power the light display on his boat, down from two generators and 6,000 watts of power the first time he entered the parade.”The first year I did this” said Walters ” I tested the lights by plugging them into the dock power supply and blew the power for the whole dock.” This is the 6th year ‘Tillertime’ has been dressed for the parade.parade_of_lights_oside_harbor02_osidenews

The Oceanside Yacht Club sponsors the annual parade that features all types of boats, big and small decorated with lights. The parade goes from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM, Saturday the 14th. Cory recommends the fishing pier as the best spot to catch the parade.

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