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Local FedEx Drivers Volunteer for Christmas Day Deliveries

Oceanside CA-  Bad weather in the East and high volume of holiday packages overwhelmed shipping and logistics companies UPS and FedEx, this holiday season.  Delays caused by inclement weather in Indianapolis and Memphis had some drivers, at the Carlsbad terminal, not starting their routes until 11:00 AM instead of the normal start time between 6 and 7:00 AM. The weather delays coupled with Department of Transportation regulations, left a back-log of packages undelivered by Christmas. People, across the country, expecting packages for Christmas were left disappointed when they didn’t arrive by Christmas Eve. Employees  at the Carlsbad FedEx terminal wanted to fix that for their customers.

Twenty-two drivers, managers, and front desk people volunteered, on Christmas Day, to get out packages in North County, that didn’t get out on Tuesday.  A manager at the Carlsbad FedEx terminal said they dispatched 18 routes (18 drivers) and had 4 people working the front counter so people could pick up their packages. “E-commerce was out of control this year,” said a spokesperson at the Carlsbad FedEx Terminal, “We didn’t want our customers disappointed on Christmas, so we got to work and hopefully made things okay for some families.”

A spokesperson at the national office said he only knew of two places in the country, for sure, that had volunteers making Christmas Day deliveries.



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