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Flex Alert Issued for California

Oceanside CA- With the cold weather across the Western United States this week, the California ISO continues close coordination with the California gas companies to ensure the reliability of the electric and gas systems in California. Today the Southern California Gas Company issued “Emergency Curtailments” to several generation resources in Southern California. To try and avoid further generator “Emergency Curtailments”, the gas companies have asked the California ISO to reduce gas consumption at the generating stations in the San Diego and Southern California Edison systems for most of today. The California ISO has re-dispatched resources identified by the gas companies to ensure we would have the resources necessary to meet our respective load obligations throughout the day. The SC’s for any of the resources affected by the low gas supply issue will be notified by phone. We will provide updates as conditions improve and reductions are no longer required by the gas companies.

Conservation efforts are encouraged for the time period specified in this notice.
Energy Market Participants are encouraged to offer additional Supplemental
Energy and Ancillary Service bids.

Monitor system conditions on the California ISO Website at and
check with local electric utilities for additional information.

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