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Artist Joseph Crone Visits the Hill Street Country Club

photos: Steve Marcotte / OsideNews

Oceanside CA-  Artist, Joseph Crone was featured at a  “Photorealism Through Drawing” workshop at the Hill Street Country Club, Friday afternoon. Approximately 20 people attended the workshop held as part of the Oceanside Public Librarys’ ‘Big Read’ event and in conjunction with an exhibit of Crone’s work on display at the Civic Center Library. The special exhibition of Joseph Crone’s art through hyper-realistic drawing, explores the cinematic narratives and defining visual styles associated with classic film noir. Crone’s work was recently featured in the Artist’s Magazine and at the Los Angeles Art Show.


Soleil Navarro with a picture she drew of her sister attended the workshop to help improve her skills

This workshop focused on the detailed approach Crone  uses to achieve his photo-realistic drawings using colored pencils on film. ” I mostly use one colored pencil for my drawings, black” said Joseph. Drawing on acetate film, he uses varying pressure on the pencil and an eraser, to help him achieve the low key lighting effect of classic film noir.

“I have been drawing since I was 4 or 5” said Crone “My brother and sister drew all the time and I just followed what they did.” When Crone was seven years old, people noticed that Joseph at a talent for drawing. “My family was very supportive. They set me up with the right teachers and mentors, at an early age, who encouraged  me and the development of my art.”

joseph_crone_art00v_osidenewsCrone, who hails from Indianapolis, Indiana, begins his drawing process with a storyboard and a photo-shoot. He poses his models in different settings and lighting situations, to get the feel of what he wants to accomplish in the drawing. “I use multiple photos, manipulate and composite them for a reference of the scene I’m going to draw.” explained Crone. He told people attending the workshop, that his technique is very labor intensive. “An 8 inch by 10 inch drawing will take me over 100 hours to complete.”

Crone said the works of Chuck Close and Caravaggio were inspirational in developing his own technique. To learn more about Joseph Crone and his art you can visit his website [Link], His Facebook page [Link] and Instagram [Link]

To learn more about the Hill Street Country Club, visit their website [Link] and their Facebook page [Link]

For more information about the Oceanside Public Library and to see what events are being offered , visit their website [Link]


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