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Phishing Scam Targets Neflix Users

Oceanside CA- The website ‘Malwarebytes UNPACKED’ is reporting a Phishing scheme targeting Netflix users. Users are directed to a fake website after trying to logon to Netflix. The webpage sports the Netflix logo informing users that their username has been suspended due to unusual activity on their account. The site then directs the user to call member services at toll free number. When you call the number, a “Service Representative” directs the user to a to download “Netflix Support” software.” The “Netflix Support” will remotely connect your computer with the service technician who runs a scan on your computer, tells you that your computer was hacked and the only way to fix your problem is to have Microsoft Certified Technician fix the computer.

Jérôme Segura reports the elaborate scheme is all about stealing your information; bank account number, password, credit card numbers and your identity all while you are paying them to do this. The ruse is sophisticated enough to remotely turn on your webcam to get your image.

Segura traced the scammers to India and said the phishing scam is fairly new. Sequra uploaded a video to YouTube documenting the highlights of the scam. for more information on the scam visit Malwarebytes UNPACKED [Link] You can watch the YouTube video below.

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