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Matt Bozzone, Meir Shitrit, Santiago Orozco and Stephen Gentillalli

Todo Mundo Performance at Library; Incredible

Oceanside CA- Todo Mundo’s performance at the Oceanside Library, Saturday afternoon was, well, absolutely incredible. The groups appearance was made possible by the Friends of the Oceanside Library and was part of the 2014 World Music Series.

todo mundo library clip osidenews 030814 from OsideNews on Vimeo.


The group has been together for three years and their Organic Fire album won Best World Music Album at the 2011 San Diego Music Awards. The music is a rich, full bodied, blend of South American, Greek, Gypsy, Samba and Caribbean sounds.

Four, of the six, band members appeared at the small venue of the Oceanside Library’s Community Rooms. It was hard to believe those four people, on the small stage, were pumping out that much sound. At a small venue, drums can be an overpowering but the beat of Todo Mundo drummer, Matt Bozzone didn’t overwhelm nor did the bass playing of Stephen Gentillalli when some music, released today, has the bass shaking a building from its foundation. The smooth vocals and rhythm guitar of group founder, Santiago Orozco was wonderful and watching the magic of lead guitarist, Meir Shitrit’s fingers working the fretboard and strings, was awe-inspiring. The music is full and so well balanced, it was impossible to not to find yourself moving to the beats and rhythm of Todo Mundo.

The group didn’t leave anything at home when they played in Oceanside. It was a high energy show of “Music of the World”. When the performance was over, few people left the building but instead, lined up to purchase copies of the groups latest release, Conexion.

The group only played for an hour but that hour was a powerful example of why Todo Mundo is one of the San Diego areas, elite music acts.

Learn more about Todo Mundo, purchase their CD’s and find where they are playing next, visit their website [Link]