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It’s About Life… Thoughts on Living Well

Guest Columnist, Nerice Kaufman-Executive Director
Hospice of the North Coast

The Whole Truth

Oceanside CA- Refinement is an admirable trait, but not so beneficial on your plate. If you want to feel good and be healthy, avoid refined foods and don’t go against the (whole) grain.

As opposed to refined, processed grains, in which the healthy bran and germ have been milled out, whole grains are high in fiber, low in fat and chock full of complex carbs and essential nutrients such as B vitamins and magnesium. They not only taste as good as refined foods, health foodies say; they taste better, and they’re definitely better for you.

Dietary experts suggest that people replace at least half their refined grains with whole grains. Doing so lowers risk of heart disease and other issues linked to a high-fat, low-fiber diet.

Quinoa is King

Where to start? Read labels and choose brown rice over white, whole-grain pasta and cereal, such as oatmeal, over less-heart-healthy counterparts. Instead of snacking on processed crackers, enjoy popcorn, without added salt or butter.

Be daring: try something new, like quinoa (keen-wa). This versatile grain native to South America is a complete protein. Substitute quinoa in any recipe in which you would typically use a grain, from a stir-fry to a soup. Or make it the base of a wonderful salad. Cook it up and mix in some snap peas, pumpkin seeds, olive oil and vinegar, or experiment.

Whatever you create, it’s bound to be keen!

Nerice Kaufman is Executive Director of Hospice of the North Coast, 2525 Pio Pico Drive – Suite 301 – Carlsbad, CA 92008
If you have a question that you would like addressed in this column or confidentially, please contact Nerice Kaufman at 760.431.4100 or
nkaufman@hospicenorthcoast.org. Visit www.hospicenorthcoast.org for more information.

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