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Driver Crashes into Oceanside Dental Office


Jeff Driessen with the Oceanside Fire Department rolls out safety tape while OPD interviews witnesses of the incident.

Oceanside CA- The dental offices of Roger P. Moynihan, D.D.S. and Amy B. Jessel, D.D.S. at Mission Family Dentistry had an unexpected visitor this afternoon. The Oceanside Fire Department and Oceanside Police responded to 911 calls of a car in a building shortly before 1:30 p.m. and found a Honda inside the waiting room of the dental office.

The driver of a 2007 Honda Accord mistakenly hit the accelerator instead of the brake and drove through the front of the offices waiting area at 3935 Mission Ave # 9.

Fortunately, workers at the dental office had just closed for the day otherwise, the waiting room would have been occupied. The employees were at the rear of the office when the car entered the building. “We thought we were having an earthquake until we saw the car” said one of the employees at Mission Family Dentistry. The Honda received only minor damage and the driver, along with everyone in the office were uninjured. No estimate was available for damages to the building.