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10 Hour Standoff Ends Peacefully in Oceanside

Oceanside CA – A standoff in Oceanside, which lasted almost 10 hours, ended peacefully just before 9:00 Monday night with the surrender of a 22 year-old man who barricaded himself in his apartment.

oceanside_standoff04_osidenewsEarlier Monday, a woman went home to her apartment in Oceanside at approximately 11:30 a.m. and found her husband, a Marine, in the home threatening to harm himself. The woman called her husband’s commander who, in turn, called Oceanside Police.

The man had not threatened anyone else but as a precaution, when police arrived, they evacuated adjoining units in the Villages of Monterrey Apartment complex, at the corner of Mesa Drive and Rancho Del Oro.  Police established contact with the Marine and they remained in contact with him by telephone, text messages and a bullhorn, as they attempted to get him to come out of the unit.

Amy Walker, a resident in the building next to where the standoff took place, took her family to the swimming pool just prior to events unfolding at the complex. “We came back from the pool, all these police cars were here and everything was blocked off.” said Walker. “We told an officer where we lived and asked if we could go back to our apartment.” continued Walker “She [the police officer] said it would probably be best if I found a McDonalds to take the kids to for while, a long while.” The Walkers had just moved to Oceanside a few months ago from Beaverton Oregon.”Aside from this, we really like it here” said Amy ” I really just hope things work out okay for the guy.” Walker said her cats in the apartment were probably starving “but they’ll survive.”


The Oceanside Police Mobile Command Unit was on scene for the standoff

Oceanside Police Lieutenant, Leonard Cosby said the units directly adjacent to the apartment involved in the standoff were evacuated, displacing about a dozen people.

Management at the apartment complex were making available several unoccupied units for the displaced residents to stay in until the standoff was over. The Red Cross was also en-route with cots, blankets and food for the residents when the Marine surrendered.

Marine 2nd Lieutenant Gabriel Adibe who was at the scene along with the Direct Command of the man involved in the standoff were standing by and assisting from the start of the incident. ” The biggest thing is for the Command to respond as soon as possible” said Adibe “In this case, Command was notified, they came out and assisted law enforcement in every way possible.”

The Marine surrendered shortly before 9:00 p.m. after being assured that he would not face any charges and that he would get the help he needs. He was taken to a local hospital by police for evaluation. Residents were allowed back to their homes shortly after 9:00 Monday night.

Displaced residents were allowed to return home shortly after 9:00PM

Displaced residents were allowed to return home shortly after 9:00PM

Many of the Oceanside Police Officers assisting at the standoff had just been released from the shooting incident at the harbor, which occurred just past 9:00 a.m., and had been on duty well past the end of their shifts when the standoff ended. Oceanside Police Chief, Frank McCoy was also at the scene.

There are agencies that will help people in crisis. You can call 1-800-479-3339 or (619) 641-6992 TDD and the Marine Corps has a website with resources for military members in crisis. Go to for more information.



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