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Witnesses Thwart Attempted Murder Suspects Escape

Harold Hill, a 24 year-old parolee wanted for a parole violation, entered “Jamacha Produce” on Jamacha Blvd in Spring Valley armed with a gun and a hatchet. Customers, including a 12 year-old girl, hid in the store as Hill confronted the 34 year-old clerk. Hill ran behind the counter and began taking money from the register. When the clerk resisted, Hill struck him at least two times in the head with the hatchet. Hill then ran out the front of the store and attempted to flee on a bicycle.

A witness to the attack was in the parking lot in his vehicle and in an effort to prevent the still armed suspect from harming anyone else, used his vehicle as a weapon, driving into Hill on the bicycle. Hill was knocked to the ground and dropped the gun and money.

Hill then fled on foot into a neighboring mobile home park. As deputies saturated the area, witnesses told them they saw Hill hide under a home. Deputies ordered Hill out, but he refused to comply and reached for his waistband. Fearing he was retrieving a weapon, a Sheriff’s canine was deployed to gain control of Hill.

Because of the help of the citizens and witnesses in the area, Hill was captured within ten minutes.

The clerk sustained serious injuries and was transported to a local hospital. Hill was treated for injuries related to contact with the Sheriff’s canine.

Hill will be booked into San Diego Central Jail for armed robbery and attempted murder of the store clerk.

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