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Brett Stokes’ New Spiritual Path Splashes to Life at ArtBeat

Vista CA- Longtime aficionados of Brett Stokes plus newcomers to the art of this iconic Fallbrook painter were equally excited to enter his colorful new domain at the April 19, 2014 ArtBeat on Main Street’s opening reception in honor of his new exhibit, which runs through May 11th . ArtBeat’s eclectic Vista gallery provides an ideal backdrop for Stokes’ departure from his signature Native American-infused, Fallbrook landscapes to his engaging, new, Tahitian-inspired works that simultaneously leap off the canvas and draw viewers in.brett-stokes-exhibit01-at-artbeat

“Life circumstances changed my perspective,” Stokes confides. “I wanted to encounter and contemplate new horizons in my life and my art, so I went to Tahiti, where I became immersed in the vibrant colors, the spirituality, the flow; what Tahitians call ‘mana’ or power. I returned home, took a bucket, thinned out paint, began throwing underpainting colors such as sienna and turquoise on canvas, and created these pieces that speak to me of deep feelings, tribal symbolism and verbal poetry. In ‘Dark Night of the Soul,’ for instance, a nearly black rose gives way to an expanse of light. No matter what has happened or how you may feel, you can always go to a place that is beautiful.”

ArtBeat owner Kait Matthews says she is thrilled to be the first to exhibit this highly respected artist’s new body of work. She notes, “In his paintings, Brett expresses himself in a way that is both deeply personal and highly universal. We are excited to present this exhibit, which reveals his evolution and makes people think about their own paths through life.”

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