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Earth Festival and Days of Art Close Out Busy Weekend


Four year-old Jordan Soares paints her own personalized recycle bin.

Oceanside CA- The largest Earth Festival in North County was held Sunday in downtown Oceanside at Pier View Way and Tremont Street along with the final day of Days of Art.

The Earth Festival was sponsored by the City of Oceanside, Green Oceanside Campaign and community partners from and around North County. Green Oceanside is a campaign dedicated to teaching residents and local businesses how to be better stewards of the Earth by recycling, reducing waste, composting, using water efficiently and preventing water pollution and litter.

The event included a vintage market, green home improvement area, water-friendly plant sale, Human Powered Zone, and a Children’s Eco-Zone with an assortment of Earth-friendly crafts. Environmental demonstrations, a rock climbing wall and live entertainment.

Four year-old Jordan Soares was there with her grandmother, Kathleen Soares “I learned a lot about ecology but painting is my favorite.” said Jordan.


LED bulbs on sale 3 for $10.00

Part -time Oceanside resident, Ludi Van Deurse was interested in the discounted LED light-bulbs for sale at the Earth Festival. “I replaced all my fluorescent bulbs in my basement in Massachusetts and I couldn’t believe how much money I saved.” The LED bulbs were being sold 3 for $10.00 by Techniart. The cost was subsidized by SDG&E for the bulbs with a regular price tag of $12.00- $19.00 each at local home improvement stores. The LED bulbs have many advantages over the mercury hazards and poor performance of the CFL bulb.

Mark  Swearingen, who traveled from El Cajon to attend the Earth Festival said  “I have gone through more CFL bulbs than I ever did the old light bulbs because they are not made to be turned on and off, a lot.”   The LED bulbs can be used with dimmer switches and don’t have a warm-up period before the light goes to full strength.

There were many other Earth friendly displays with several Solar companies, drought tolerant landscape companies and natural food stores to go along with local bands and school musicians who entertained the crowd attending the festival.

Days of Art

Better weather brought a larger crowd to the final day of Oceansides’ Days of Art, 2014. However, the crowd was smaller than previous years. Dmitriy Demidov, vice-President of the 2014 OCAF Board of Directors said there were two big reasons for the lower attendance “Easter weekend forced us to have the Days of Art this weekend and there are a lot more Art walks being held on this weekend.” The other reason continued Demidov ” There is a really big Earth Day festival down in San Diego this weekend.”

Frank Lopez owner of the Artcadian Art Studio, had a booth at the fair. “We have had a pretty good turnout but I smell all this great food and I can’t leave my booth to enjoy it.”

This is the third year for Phyllis Swanson and her son Ben. They were the lone street chalk artists at last years Days of Art “This year we asked Raziah Roushan, a Director of Art for San Marcos, Claire Chanteauneuf and Carlos Primo of Carlsbad to join us.” continued Phyllis “Next year I think we will have add more chalk artist and just fill this whole section with street art”


Phyllis Swanson with her son Ben create street art with chalk during the Days of Art

Despite smaller crowds, both events, downtown, were a success this weekend with plenty to do and see for everyone in attendance.

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