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Retiring OPD Chief McCoy

Frank McCoy Rehired as Oceanside Police Chief


Story by: Ruarri Serpa


Oceanside CA- Oceanside’s City Manager has decided to rehire Frank McCoy, permanently, as the Chief of Police. McCoy, who has faced both professional and personal issues during his tenure, has continued to serve as the Interim Chief of Police since his retirement in October.

“Chief McCoy has accepted a contract,” said Lieutenant Leonard Cosby, the department’s Public Information Officer.

In November, it was reported that McCoy was earning over $31,000 per month through his pension, and as an hourly employee. He has also overseen the department during a period of increased crime. In 2010, his wife was involved in a standoff with police officers at their Orange County home.

Though the City Manager is responsible for hiring the new police chief, City Council was slated to vote on a contract for the position at Wednesday’s meeting. Interviews were held in late March, but on April 24, Deputy City Manager Michelle Skaggs Lawrence stated that the vote was going to be pushed back until May.

On Wednesday, Lieutenant Cosby confirmed to videographer JC Plyford that a contract was signed between the city, and McCoy.

ruarri_surpa_125Ruarri Serpa is a freelance reporter from Oceanside, CA. You can contact him directly at RuarriS@gmail.com and follow him on Twitter: @Ruarris

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