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Vygandas Anthony Razhas, Cathy Lester and Gin Kazla

REeBroker, A Practical Approach to Real Estate

Oceanside CA- In 2005, with advances in technology, Gin Kazla and Vygandas Anthony Razhas knew there was a better way to conduct real estate transactions so they founded REeBroker-California.

The company, started in the basement of Kazla’s Vista home, recently moved their offices to 301 Mission Ave, Suite 211 in downtown Oceanside from Carlsbad. Kazla and Razhas were the first to setup an online brokerage in California, REeBroker is the largest e-broker in the state. The two have over 20 years, apiece, in the real estate field and Razhas also has a background software development.

REeBrokers has a vast network of over 1,700 agents, many who speak different languages, throughout California and that number doesn’t include the over 400 broker associates with the company.

“The advantage with our company, which filters down to the buyer and seller, is a very cost effective split between agent and broker.” said Kazla. reebroker03_osidenewsBecause they do most of their business online, their overhead is much lower than traditional brokers. “We can keep costs down without sacrificing any services.” continued Kazla.

REeBroker was set up with the real estate agent in mind. “In California, a real estate agent must go through a broker when selling a home and the commission split, especially for new agents, can be 50% with the traditional broker.” said Cathy Lester a broker at the company. “When you go into a traditional broker, there is a lot of paperwork, we have eliminated all of that.” continued Lester “Because of the low fees, the real estate agent has flexibility and can pass those savings on to their clients.”

The fee structure at REeBroker is simple; where a traditional broker takes a percentage and that will vary, depending on the company and how long the agent has been with the firm. The REeBroker agent gets 100% commission directly from Escrow and fees are only $500 or 10% (whichever is less) plus $135 E&O fee per closed transaction.

Incentive for North County Real Estate Agents

“As a promotion and a celebration of our new location.” said Razhas “We are offering free signs and the first transaction is free.” They are offering the incentives to San Diego North County agents. With the offer, Razhas believes once an agent tries REeBrokers “They like, they stay.” Kazla added, “We will offer a discount to new agents on office and work space here, in general it’s not something we provide but we want make an exception for local agents.” There is no startup or up-front fee, working with REeBroker is a risk-free venture.

To find out more about REeBroker and what they have to offer, which is a lot, visit their website [Link] or by phone 760-722-3222 and by e-mail info@reebrokerca.com; A word of caution, a video begins to play as soon as the website opens so watch the sound volume on your computer.