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Story Changes in Fallbrook Sexual Assault

Fallbrook CA On April 23, a woman reported being sexually assaulted as she was jogging along a path in the vicinity of Lake Shore Park. She advised her two-year-old child was in a stroller with her, when an unknown male with a knife jumped from behind bushes on the trail and assaulted her.

The investigation is still ongoing; however, there have been changes in the victim’s account of the incident. The assault did not take place on the trail, the alleged assailant did not jump from behind bushes, and he was not armed with a knife. The victim knew the suspect who resides out of state. This was not a stranger assault.

In the woman’s original account, the victim described her attacker as white, possibly Hispanic, mid 30’s to 40s, between 6’1”‐6’2” tall with a tanned complexion. The suspect was heavy‐set with a “beer belly”. He had dark brown or black close‐cropped hair with a mustache and neatly trimmed full beard. The beard was cut high on the neck. He was last seen wearing a black short sleeved t‐shirt with holes and black “work pants”. A sketch was released of the suspect by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. Original story can be seen here [Link]

While the case is still being actively investigated and the person of interest has been identified, the Sheriff’s Sexual Assault Unit is confident advising the community that the incident previously described did not take place and there is no danger to the community as a result.

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