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Schools Closed in Oceanside and Carlsbad Tomorrow: Update

Oceanside CA– Schools will not open in Oceanside on Thursday and will be closed, in Carlsbad, Thursday and Friday.

People are slowly being allowed back into Oceanside evacuated areas. The wildfire which blackened about 50 acres in the San Luis Rey River Bed is 20 percent contained as of 7:43 p.m. The fire damaged a single structure, authorities reported.

15,000 evacuation notices (approx. 23,000 people) were given in Carlsbad where 400 acres has burned and 0 percent containment as of a 6:00 p.m.

La Costa Canyon High School, located at 1 Maverick Way, opened as an evacuation shelter run by the Red Cross. Calavera Hills Community Center, located at 2997 Glasgow, is open as a shelter accepting residents and their pets such as dogs, cats and rabbits. Evacuated people with pets were also advised to go to Westfield Plaza (Plaza Camino Real) for shelter, however as of 4:51 p.m., Westfield Plaza Camino Real was unable to accept any additional large animals such as horses and livestock. Residents with large animals needing to evacuate should call San Diego County Animal Services for assistance: 619-236-2341.

The fires in the area are being treated as crime scenes.

NCTD affected routes:

395 Detour

388/389 Traffic on I15

309 Detour on South end and San Luis Rey

308 Detour for Del Dios

303 San Luis Rey closure

313 San Luis Rey closure

315 San Luis Rey closure and CP detour

101 delays due to traffic on 101

351 Bear Valley

353 Bear Valley

354 Bear Valley

Also the San Luis Rey Transit Center in Oceanside is closed.

BREEZE Route 101 will also experience delays due to heavy traffic.

COASTER and SPRINTER service is running normally.

NCTD has buses staged at various, non-impacted areas and will activate them as needed