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Carlsbad Asks People to Stay Away From Burn Areas

Carlsbad CA- The City of Carlsbad is getting reports of people entering the fire damaged areas to explore and take photos. Although the city understands why people would be curious, these areas could be dangerous, and people should stay away from all fire damaged areas and structures. Fire and building personnel have been specially trained to enter these areas. Seeing them there does not mean it is safe for others to enter these spaces. The City of Carlsbad will post photos of the fire damaged areas on its Facebook page so people can see what they look like without endangering themselves or their children and pets.

How to help firefighters, other first responders

The City of Carlsbad is receiving a number of requests from members of the public who want to show their appreciation to firefighters, police and other first responders. The best way to do this is for residents to spend time this weekend making sure they are prepared for the next emergency. Go to www.readysandiego.org to learn how to create a family evacuation plan, assemble an emergency preparedness kit for your home and car, and sign up for Alert San Diego. Alert San Diego has land line numbers. People should register their mobile phones and email so they can get alerts during evacuations and other disasters. When residents and businesses are prepared for emergencies, first responders can do a better job of responding to critical needs.