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New Home Helpers in Encinitas

Encinitas CA – Marjorie Sunder was a stay-at-home mom for 20 years, but with her kids grown, she was ready for the next adventure. Sunder took her caregiving instinct and opened Home Helpers & Direct Link of Encinitas, California.

Home Helpers is the nation’s leading franchise specializing in comprehensive home care for seniors, new mothers and individuals needing recuperative and continuing assistance. Direct Link is its proprietary line of 24/7 medical alert systems, including a fall sensor, automated medication dispenser and vital signs monitoring units.

“I was looking for something I could do next that I could feel good about. I went to real estate school and just hated it, so I went back to school and am working on a degree in psychology. I loved that, but I realized I didn’t want to start over at 50, so I looked into a franchise and Home Helpers was a perfect fit. I had looked into opening something like a 7/11, but I didn’t want to make a living on alcohol and cigarettes. I wanted to make a difference for people,” she said.

“It’s important to me that people are taken care of in a loving manner. Having the sort of caregiver assistance we can provide can truly make a difference in the lives of the people who need the care, their families, and the caregivers themselves,” she added.

Each individual client receives services tailored to meet their specific needs, by caregivers who become an extension of their family. Home Helper’s full-range of home care services empower clients to live healthier and more rewarding lives in the privacy, safety, and comfort of their own homes.

Sunder says her clients will be placed with an individual caregiver who best suits their needs.

“We understand that your care is about more than having someone come to do laundry or cook your meals. We want to make sure you or your family member is working with someone they can connect with. This is more than just a job for our employees,” she said.

Home Helpers & Direct Link offers free in-home consultations and works with each client to create a flexible, affordable care plan based on a person’s individual needs. Services offered include companionship, personal hygiene, meal preparation and transportation as well as medical services such as medication management, vital signs monitoring and care management.

For more information about how Home Helpers & Direct Link of Encinitas can serve you and your family, call 858-334-8958, email msunder@homehelpers.cc or visit www.HomeCareEncinitas.com.

About Home Helpers

Founded in 1997, Cincinnati-based Home Helpers is one of the nation’s leading home care franchises. With an ongoing commitment to helping people live healthier, more independent lives in the comfort of their own homes, Home Helpers works with seniors, new and expectant mothers, those recovering from illness or injury, and individuals facing lifelong challenges. Home Helpers is affiliated with Direct Link, a national provider of 24/7 emergency response systems and vital signs monitoring units. For more information about the company or about how you can open your own Home Helpers franchise, visit www.HomeHelpers.cc.

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