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Full Circle, A 12 Year Journey Sailing Around The World

full_circle_03_osidenewsOceanside CA– Ruth and Buddy Ellison, authors of Full Circle, A 12 Year Journey Sailing Around The World, will visit the Oceanside Public Library’s Civic Center Library Foundation Room, at 330 North Coast Highway, on Saturday, June 7 at 1:00 p.m., with a program about their expedition around the world on the sailboat Annapurna.

Both decided to live their dream and go where the winds would take them. With open ended plans and the mantra of “we’ve got no plan and we’re sticking to it” to live by, they sailed out of San Francisco Bay in September 1996 and kept on going until they circled the entire globe and sailed back into Acapulco in April 2007. Their book is a compilation of a methodical diary, log entries, journal, and countless notes and letters back home to their daughter Marni by Ruth with much input from Buddy on the nuts and bolts of their journey, including their daily lives, maintaining their yacht, the type of equipment needed on a yacht of this size for long range ocean passages, dealing with third world officials where little or no tourism exists. Living in far off remote locations that most everyday travelers never see and experiencing the world from the deck of an ocean going sailing yacht. Quite a contrast to the way most tourists visit foreign countries. They wrote in the book “our new address was the world wherever we happened to be. If we liked where we were, we stayed, if not, we left. The reality was we liked everywhere, all 56 countries.”

Buddy and Ruth Ellison

Buddy and Ruth Ellison

Ruth and Buddy Ellison currently live in Bonsall, north of San Diego. Their book will be available for purchase and signing. The program is free and open to the public. For more information please visit: www.oceansidepubliclibrary.org or call 760-435-5600. Library programming is supported by the Friends of the Oceanside Public Library.

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