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Plank Exhibition, Saturday, in Carlsbad

Carlsbad CA- When it comes to setting Guinness World Records, ultra-endurance athlete and fitness professional, George Hood of Carlsbad, CA has done it in a variety of ways both unofficially, officially, and always in support of a most worthy charitable cause.

On Saturday, May 31 2014, at about 2:30 pm, the 56 year-old FIT-X fitness professional will do his last “long plank” of 2.5 hours in final preparation for an attempt to break his existing GWR for the plank in Beijing, China where he will represent the United States and participate in China’s 1st Annual International Plank Cup Challenge sponsored by Mens Health magazine of China. Hood’s 2 ½ hour long plank will be held at the Frazee Park in Carlsbad located at the base of Pine Ave in Carlsbad and adjacent to the beach and is open to the public. Hood has trained consistently at this Carlsbad location for the last several months and is known by many in the area who’ve witnessed his extreme core training routine along with the plank.

For background, Hood was invited by Men’s Health-China to participate in China’s 1st Annual International Plank Cup Challenge event where, as part of the China event, Hood will attempt to break his current plank Guinness World Record of 3 hours, 7 minutes and 15 seconds. Hood’s effort will be in support of China’s fundraising campaign on behalf of China’s Special Olympics organization. Hood will use this exhibition in China as a stepping stone to his next sanctioned GWR event for the 40lb weighted plank to be held later this year. “I am a big believer in doing things with a purpose–and the greater the purpose, the more I am motivated and inspired to get involved and get results,” says Hood. “I’m on a mission to inspire the entire country of China to raise money, accomplish a goal and help others associated with the Special Olympics in China. Hood’s fundraising here in the U.S. will be to benefit injured marines. More details to be announced later.


(courtesy photo)

Hood is a personal trainer and group exercise instructor with FIT-X Fitness of Southern California. Deno Bell, Founder/CEO of FIT-X Fitness had this to say about Hood’s upcoming long plank and invitation to participate in the China event, “All the team members here at Fit-X are rooting for George. We are very proud of his accomplishments and thrilled to have him on our team. George is energy personified and if anyone can make this China trip and their fundraising efforts rock, it is him.”

In April, 2013, Hood more than doubled his previous plank record with a time of 3 hours, 7 minutes and 15 seconds. Since then, he has performed long planks during training sessions, including a recent 2-hour plank at the Way of Life Bootcamp facility in Vista, CA. Hood’s training regimen in preparation for the China event has included over 14 hours of plank time a week, 1500-2000 crunches a day, 200 pushups a day and static arm work to facilitate the muscular endurance necessary to sustain planks of such long duration. Hood has also trained consistently with 20 and 40 lb weights on his back. Hood also trains with the Strength Axle System www.strengthaxle.com invented by local San Diego trainer and businessman Craig Thompson, who is part of Hood’s crew for the upcoming long plank and the event in China. Thompson is the president of Strength Axle Industries in San Diego who is also sponsoring Hood’s exhibition this Saturday. Regarding Hood’s upcoming attempt in China, Thompson said “George Hood is a leader in the fitness industry….his training and Guinness world records attest to the success of his training. He has inspired the world. I’m honored to be part of his team.”

The former Marine and Drug Enforcement Administration agent first attained Guinness World Record status in 1986, when he skipped rope for more than 13 hours. From 2007-2010, Hood set the spin cycling marathon record three times, including a high of 222 hours, 22 minutes and 22 seconds in 2010.

So far, Hood’s Guinness World Record attempts have raised more than $100,000 for charities and organizations, including a young soldier and friend who was killed in Afghanistan on June 16, 2010; the Injured Marine Semper Fi fund; United Way; Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS); Kiwanis and the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign. This latest cause for Hood is most fitting, given his life’s focus and commitment to inspiring kids and adults to be their best when it comes to health and fitness. .

Hood is also a local businessman and owner of Oceanside Paddleboard (www.OceansidePaddleboard.com) located in the harbor in Oceanside. It is here that Hood has introduced many to the Stand Up Paddleboard and the variety of fitness and training that can be accomplished on the SUP. Hood is also featured in the movie documentary “Breaking and Entering” (http://www.breakingandenteringdoc.com/) currently available on NETFLIX and Amazon and which chronicles Hood’s exploits and those of others who seek to get into the Guinness Book of World Records.

George’s long plank this Saturday is open to the public who can come by and inspire George to complete his 2 ½ hour plank successfully.

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