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ScanDiego Donates Scanning Services to Fire Victims

Oceanside CA– One of the saddest experiences of a fire is the loss of a family’s photo and home movie collection. San Diego-based digital scanning company, ScanDiego, is giving back to the many families affected by the recent fires in the county by donating $500 of scanning services to any family who lost a home in the fires during May 2014. These families will be able to update and preserve the precious memories they saved from the fires. If there was a total loss, ScanDiego will help them scan memorabilia from other family members in an effort to recreate their photo and movie collection.

ScanDiego provides a full array of printing services and photo scanning with high-quality resolution and exceptional customer service. Clients are able to effectively prepare for future evacuations by organizing and updating all pre-digital media including photos (which are in jeopardy of color fading), home videos, slides, and film. After all memorabilia has been scanned and archived, these compact DVDs and CDs can be duplicated and stored in safe deposit boxes, multiple locations, or uploaded to the cloud for protection in case of an emergency. Ultimately, ScanDiego is able to save people time, money, worry, and hassle.

About ScanDiego

ScanDiego is the leading digital scanning and conversion company in San Diego, offering consumers effective ways to professionally preserve their memories. This locally-based company offers an array of imaging services including scanning for photos, slides, videotapes, and film, as well as photo printing services, gifts, and more. ScanDiego is dedicated to protecting memorabilia from damage in three easy steps to save customers time, money, and aggravation. For more information please visit www.clickscanshare.com.

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