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REIG Construction to Donate Home Renovation to a Local Military Member in Need

Oceanside CA – REIG Construction is excited to announce the donation of a full home renovation to a local San Diego military member in need via their new military support initiative, REIG Operation: Renovation. REIG is now accepting applications at www.reigoperationrenovation.com.

This initiative will allow Active Duty and Veterans who own a home in San Diego County a chance to be the recipient of a complete home renovation, including modifications needed to help support living with an injury. Applications will be accepted starting June 1, 2014, through July 31, 2014. – all Reservists, Active Duty and Veterans in San Diego County are encouraged to apply. Applications will be accepted up until July 31, 2014. All current and former service members who own a home are encouraged to apply, and family/friends are encouraged to nominate a military member in need by using the same online application form located here [Link].

The long term vision is to turn this into an annually recurring project, offering assistance to multiple military members every year, and expanding into other communities across the country.

About Operation: Renovation

51,809 service members have been wounded in action since 2001. That is 51,809 brave combat veterans who are dealing with a life-long and life-altering injury, and only the substandard healthcare and inadequate compensation provided by our government to rely on. Operation Renovation is a support initiative organized by a local San Diego based construction company, REIG Construction, with a mission to honor, celebrate, and change the lives of local military heroes through passionate and purposed home renovations. When asked why he is so passionate about this project, volunteer official spokesperson and decorated combat hero, Ryan Yahner, said “I have always been passionate about helping my fellow service members. I was a Sergeant with the Marines for 3 years, and my number one job was to take care of my junior Marines. Now that I’m retired, this project is a way for me to get back into that roll. A home is more than a just roof over our heads – it can be a sanctuary for service members, especially combat veterans. Unfortunately many can’t afford to keep up with repairs, especially when injury requires special modifications. REIG has been helping wounded warriors for several years now, and this project is another way they are showing their gratitude for our service members the best way they know how – through a home renovation. I am proud to volunteer my time for this cause and help my fellow service members again.”
For more information, please visit http://www.reigoperationrenovation.com

About REIG

Founded in 2011 by Patrick Clark and Brian Daly, REIG now consists of two companies and 33 dedicated team members. REIG Asset Management is a real estate investment company specializing in value-add redevelopment opportunities in both the residential and commercial apartments sectors. REIG Construction offers residential, commercial, government construction, and general contracting services. REIG is an acronym for the 4 CORE values they hold at the center of everything they do. Revitalization of communities is at the heart of what they do and why they do it. Elevating expectations, putting integrity first, and gratitude always is how they operate every day.

To learn more about this project, please contact:
Brian Daly
Co-founder of REIG Construction and REIG Asset Management
820 Los Vallecitos Blvd, Suite F, San Marcos, CA 92069
Office: (760) 566-3203
Fax: (760) 566-3204

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