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SDSO Arrest Shooting Suspect

San Diego County CA– Valley Center deputies responded to a radio call for a report of a suspect who fired a gun at two pedestrians after accusing them of trespassing. Deputies met with the victims at Kiavo Drive and Siesta Lane.

The victims’ claimed they were on a “nature walk” on Kiavo Drive when they were confronted by a White male adult who accused them of jumping over his property fence. The male suspect, later identified as 45 year-old Michael Steven Thyberg, threatened he was going to shoot them.

They continued to walk on Kiavo Drive when they heard the sound of a gunshot and saw dust and debris flying on the road near them.

Thyberg then followed the victims in his vehicle as they walked away. Thyberg made additional threats before returning to his property.

Deputies identified the shooting suspect’s address in the 27300 block of Kiavo Drive. ASTREA responded to the scene and made a call-out over the PA, demanding Thyberg exit the home and meet deputies at the front entrance. Thyberg came out of his house and met with deputies without incident. Deputies handcuffed and detained him, so they could conduct a protective sweep of the residence and property

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