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Oceanside Police Explorers Excel at Escondido Police Competition

Oceanside CA– A four person team of Explorers from the Oceanside Police Department participated in a competition on June 26 and 27 near Valley Center. The competition was hosted by the Escondido Police Department. Explorers from eight police agencies in southern California competed bringing a total of thirteen teams to the event.

The events on the first day required Explorers to respond to scenarios, which were staged. They were required to respond as police officers would, and to take the appropriate actions. The scenarios in which they participated were all common to police officers. They were evaluated on their performance as they adhered to general “best practices” and their use of teamwork.

The second day of the competition included a shooting competition and required the Explorers to compete as a team. They used handguns, rifles, and shotguns during the competition. The second day also included participation in a mile long obstacle course. The teams consisted of eight people. The Oceanside Explorers teamed with Explorers from Escondido PD and participated in the obstacle course. This event required excellent team work from all of the participants.

At the end of the competition, the Oceanside Police Department Explorers finished third place overall, narrowly missing second place. The Explorers won two awards. They were given a perfect score and first place in a “Hot Stop” scenario. This is the equivalent of a felony vehicle stop. The team also earned the Honor Award. This award is given to the team which showed the most commitment to the competition.

The performance of the Explorers in this competition is commendable. Explorers Dominic La Porta, William Jester, Brannon Adkins, and Jordan Laser represented the Oceanside Police Department and their peers in exceptional fashion. The members of the Oceanside Police Department are proud of these young people and their advisers.

The Oceanside Police Explorers Program is designed for responsible young men and women to explore all aspects of law enforcement. The Explorers have direct interaction with working field officers, supervisors and support staff, to expand their interest in the law enforcement profession as a career. They also have the opportunity to participate in a week-long law enforcement Explorer academy, as well as weekend academies held over the course of the year. To learn more about the Oceanside Police Explorers Program visit their website [Link]