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The Chicken Parade Underway in San Marcos

More than painted sculptures, the 2014 SMAC Chicken Parade brings a community together

San Marcos CA – The San Marcos Arts Council Chicken Parade, in partnership with the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce has already done more to build community than one would have expected painted sculptures to do. The Chicken Parade kicked off July 4th with 28 local businesses exhibiting one-of-a-kind chicken sculptures. juli-veee---sm-chamber1

Over the course of the holiday weekend, local residents and business owners showed their support by being the first wave of scavenger hunt participants. Photos of families, adults and goofy-faced staff members posted images to the San Marcos Arts Council Facebook page within hours of the Parade’s inauguration. This citywide exhibition is building a supportive community around the arts, our local businesses and the incredibly talented artists who created the chicken sculptures. Such local artists include, Christopher Polentz, Krista Timberlake, Kent Campbell, Juli Veee and Roni Draves.

As SMAC Board Member, Craig Garcia shared last week when delivering the chickens to their respective sponsors, “…the businesses are reporting a boost in staff morale just by being part of the Parade. [Me] and my family will be out at around town taking photos with each chicken, you can be sure of that!” Charity Wings volunteer, Aisa Diaz confirmed that she and a “group of her girlfriends” will be navigating their way around town in the next couple weeks to visit each business as well.
SMAC would like to encourage everyone to visit each chicken of the 2014 Chicken Parade, now through September 30, 2014 to take part in the free Photo Contests and Scavenger Hunt. For a map to the Parade along with contest rules, visit www.sanmarcosartscouncil.com.

2014 Chicken Parade in conjunction coloring projects for youth and photo contests for all ages. All Chicken Parade activities are free of charge. Visit the Council’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/sanmarcosarts or website at www.sanmarcosartscouncil.com for project and competition details.

Important Dates:
Chicken Parade from July 4 – September 30, 2014
Chicken Sculptures go on sale October 19, 2014, at the San Marcos Horse Heritage event.
Chicken Parade Finally October 23, 2014 at the monthly Chamber Mixer held at the San Marcos Historical Society.

Visit www.SanMarcosArtsCouncil.com for Chicken Parade details and maps.

About the San Marcos Arts Council

The San Marcos Arts Council (SMAC), is an all-volunteer Board working to promote and advance artistic activity in the community, primarily through education, exposing the public to the fine and performing arts, and serving as a community resource in promoting artistic development throughout San Marcos and the 78 Corridor. Since its inception in 2009, the Council has regularly hosted free hands-on activities at community events, partnered with artists and non-profits, as well as sponsored artist workshops. A San Marcos City grant in 2013 had allowed the Council to reach new heights in programming and outreach. Visit the Council at www.SanMarcosArtsCouncil.com.

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