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Notes & Quotes

by: Tom Morrow

Oceanside CA– It’s good to be back hacking away on a community column. My hats off to Editor Steve Marcotte for filling a big hole left by the demise of the North County Times – may it rest in pieces.

In all their infinite wisdom, the powers down at the U-T saw fit to buy our local newspaper and strip Oceanside and neighboring cities of our local news outlet, but, in fairness, the U-T gives us two, maybe three stories each week. After all, nothing of significance really happens north of Del Mar.

While “online” news is relatively new, OsideNews.com isn’t the same as holding your morning paper as you drink that cup of coffee. Like it or not, the future is now. I’ll do my bit with this column, but you can help by sending in your news items, comments, and suggestions to Steve and yours truly. This is a fledgling collaborative effort – most of the information and news you’re reading on this site has been gathered and e-mailed to Steve by a cadre of volunteers – he can use all the help he can get.

E-mail Steve at: news@osidenews.com, and items for this column at: quotetaker1939@gmail.com.

BOOK IT! – For those interested in writing, Rebecca McCarthy and yours truly will be giving a Publish or Perish forum at 10 a.m., Saturday in the Community Rooms of the downtown Oceanside Library. It’s part of the annual Write On, Oceanside! event [Link] sponsored by the Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation where a number of local authors gather to meet and greet – and, they’ll probably have books for sale.

JUST A THOUGHT – My Daddy always told me to walk or ride my bike on the “left” side of the road facing traffic. Wouldn’t that be good safety advice for bike riders today? I’d like to see what’s coming at me instead of it sneaking up behind me. If there’s a law against that, it ought to be changed. But, that’s just me.

COWBOY ADVICE — There’s two theories to arguin’ with a woman — neither works.

E-mail Tom Morrow at: quotetaker1939@gmail.com


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