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Identity of Carlsbad Drowning Victim Released

Carlsbad CA–  The name of the person swept out to sea near Carlsbad has been released by the San Diego County Coroners Office as David Velasco.

The decedent was a single 21 year-old Hispanic male who resided in Vista. On the evening of July 9th, the decedent and his younger brother were at a beach in Carlsbad in the ocean when a large wave hit them. The decedent’s brother walked back to shore and looked back to see that the decedent was missing.

He went back in the water to look for him and then called out for help. A search began and lasted several hours before it was called off late that night. Several local agencies along with state lifeguards and the Coast Guard were involved in the search using helicopters, boats and divers.

On the morning of Thursday, July 10, 2014, a passerby saw the decedent floating in the shallow waters and pulled him to shore. A 911 call was placed and Oceanside Police and paramedics arrived to confirm death due to rigor mortis. Cause of death was drowning. An autopsy is yet to be scheduled.

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