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Veterans Green Projects to Hold E-Recycling Event

Oceanside CAVeterans Green Projects and will be holding a free electronic recycling event this Saturday, August 2, 2014. The event takes place at the North County Career Center, 1949 Avenida del Oro 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.. Veterans Green Projects exists to create employment for veterans and active duty military off the battlefield while helping the environment.

Along with the event, Veterans Green Projects offers free safe and secure, E-recycling at their Oceanside facility located 2420 Industry St.


Antonio Neal-Santander explains the paperwork involved in the e-recycling process

“People don’t understand that there is a lot of personal information stored in a lot of electronic equipment you wouldn’t think information is being stored on” said Antonio Neal-Santander with Veterans Green Projects. “For instance, a printer stores copies of documents you have sent to it. When the printer reaches the end of its useful life, if you don’t dispose of it properly, that information is available to people with bad intentions.”

Veterans Green Projects offers disposal of IT assets and secure data destruction when you donate your electronic items with Certificate of donation available to all clients. Destruction of hard drives, tapes and data-sensitive media with custom equipment to surpass the most stringent standards with the entire process video taped. Hard drives are wiped, degaussed and crushed. Multiple levels of destruction up to and including National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) certified standards.

Along with security. Veterans Green Projects insures that toxic chemicals and elements don’t end up in landfills. “A lot of different metals are used in these components. CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors have a layer of leaded glass behind the front glass which you just don’t want going to a landfill” said Neal-Santander.


A variety of metals including gold and lead are used in the manufacturing of electronic components.

California law requires consumers to pay a recycling fee when purchasing electronics so Veterans Green Projects is able to offer their services at no charge. There are many types of e-waste. Which have resale value? Which are health or environmental hazards? Separating assets from liabilities can be a nightmare so a free consultation is available to guide you through the process. “Virtually anything that plugs in or takes a battery, we will collect”

Veterans Green Projects also offers repair services and can re-purpose certain items for resale. All the while the main mission for Veterans Green Projects is to create and provide anywhere from 1 day jobs to full time careers for active duty military and veterans in search of full time sustainable employment.

“Face it, there are a lot of e-recyclers out there. Some good, others not so good. Why not use a company that helps those who have served our country.” said Antonio. It’s a win, win, win situation for all involved added Michael Malott, Director of Veterans Green Projects and San Diego Ambassador of

To learn more about e-waste recycling, energy auditing, resource management, power monitoring services, and Carbon Accounting. Visit their website [Link] These projects offer opportunities for businesses to cut energy costs, identify unnecessary waste, reduce overall operating expenses, improve profitability, and help the local veteran community.

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