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C1rca Holds Fan Appreciation Skate Demo

Oceanside CA– C1rca Skate footwear and apparel company held a fan appreciation skate demo yesterday at the Melba Bishop Skate Park on Thursday. Over one hundred young people showed up at the skatepark to watch skate demos, eat pizza, product give-a-ways and just have fun on the warm, humid afternoon.

“We just want to give back to our fans” said Nate Peacher with C1rca.”We are getting ready to start a tour and we wanted to show our love appreciation to the people who support us. So why not start in our own backyard.”

C1rca sells shoes and clothing geared to skateboarders. They also air a webisode series titled ‘C1rca House’. The series can be seen on the company’s website [Link] and on the ‘Ride’ channel. The second season will begin airing in the next few weeks.The show evolves around the house C1rca purchased in Oceanside for the company’s team of skaters, Jimmy Carlin, David Gravette, Adrian Lopez,Windor James, Ryan Reyes and Taylor Kirby.

C1rca bought 20 pizzas to feed the crowd and gave away shoes and other apparel at the event. They were joined by representatives of Asylum Skateshop and Mouse Movement a local company started by “Mouse” Bastidas who will be featured in a story in OsideNews next week.

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