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Dmitriy Demidov, director of the OIFF

Surf Films Highlight Monday’s Offerings at OIFF

Oceanside CA– The Oceanside International Film Festival (OIFF) opened yesterday with a Red Carpet welcome and reception in the lobby of the Star Theatre.

Former filmmaker and screenwriter turned baker, Charles Kaufman attended the reception. “I was made aware of the festival by Dmitriy (Dmitriy Demidov is director of the OIFF) and was intrigued by the event.”

Charles Kaufman, a very friendly and easily approachable man, was a writer and director. known as the creator of Mother’s Day (remake, 2010) and Mother’s Day (horror film, 1980). He was a writer for The Bob Hope Show, Dennis the Menace TV series (1986), When Nature Calls (feature film, 1985) but left the business to become a baker. He shared his knowledge and his experiences, in the industry, with film makers both young and seasoned pros.


Charles Kaufman speaks with film maker Gary Konklin and Ann Mortland, board of Trustees at the Oceanside Museum of Art

“The business changed so much and the industry became a group of companies owned by just a few individuals which made it harder to compete for money to make films.” said Mr. Kaufman “Then the studios bought the movie theaters and what was hard, became more even difficult.” Charles left the industry and asked a friend of his, who owned a bakery in the south of France, “Can I come over there, work for you for free and learn to make bread?” So that was what he did. “I lived in the south of France, drank wine and made bread. It was a tough year” joked Kaufman. He returned from France to open a bakery ‘Bakery and Cie‘ in San Diego with an oven he brought back from France. Mr. Kaufman was a hands on baker in the beginning but the bakery has become very successful and he now employs 124 people.

The reception was followed by a screening of KOCT’s 2006 film on the history of Oceanside High School and the evolution of the culture and students over the 100 year history of the school. A short break was followed by the screening of last years film festival winner titled ‘Patrol Base Jaker’ [Link]

The schedule for today is a series of surf films and comedy’s at the Brooks Theatre
6:00 PM – 3mates7seas (PG for minor nudity), from Sydney, Australia, Full Length Documentary, 1:16:46 trailer
7:20 PM – Flux: Redefining Women’s Surfing (PG-13 for suggestive images, Dodge College of Film and Media Arts), from Orange, CA, Student Documentary, 0:17:50
7:40 PM – Out In The Line-Up, from Bronte, Australia, Full Length Documentary, 1:09:19 trailer
9:00 PM – Waves N’ Craves series in Oceanside: Après Surf Tortilla Soup, from Oceanside, CA, Oceanside Spotlight Film, 0:03:04
9:10 PM – 5 Minute Break
Comedy Films screening block (mature audiences)
9:15 PM – Better in Bad Company (New York Film Academy), from Madrid, Spain, Student Film, 0:13:14
9:30 PM – Soul Insurance (Southwestern College), from Spring Valley, CA, Student Film, 0:06:15 trailer
9:40 PM – Oh, Baby! Baby? (University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts), from Los Angeles, CA, Student Film, 0:05:47
9:50 PM – Runner, from Spain, Narrative Short Film, 0:03:36
10:00 PM – day’s conclusion

Want more surfing films? Check out Aug 8 screening of “The Current: Explore The Healing Powers of The Ocean” featuring Bethany Hamilton, and Aug 9 presentation of “Shadow” shot at another great surfing destination, San Clemente.


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