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Bobby Michaels

Getting Ready for North County’s Got Talent

Oceanside CA– Preparations are underway for the 2nd Annual North County’s Got Talent competition at the Brooks Theatre, August 30th and 31st. The first rehearsal was held last night at the theatre with performers and stage hands beginning to work out the kinks for the show. More than 20 acts will be in the show, one of the performers is just four years-old.


Four year-old Sydney Madurzak at rehearsal

Sydney Madurzak was exposed to performing at an early age “Sydney was three and a-half weeks old when she was brought to a show her sister was performing in.  “She seems to have taken to performing ever since then” said Sydney’s mother, Amy Madurzak. The older sister is Kat Madurzak. Kat took second place, Youth Division, in last years show (see more here) performing a contortionist act.

Raising two performing kids has its challenges “Other than paying for it all” said Amy, “balancing the lives of the girls, their friends, school, recreation, and nutrition concerns isn’t easy.” continues Amy, “It keeps them healthy and fit and we enjoy it but if they wanted to quit tomorrow and play tennis or something, we have no problem with that.”

Kat hopes to continue with her performances and aspires to be a part of Cirque du Soleil someday. Unfortunately, Kat won’t be able to perform in this years show due to a health concern. Her younger sister, Sydney, hopes to be a Yellow Princess someday since her favorite color is yellow and it’s good to be a princess.

Naomi Olson, President of Oceanside Theatre Company and director of the show says this years show is slightly smaller than last years but a lot of music acts, “we have singers, dancers, and a comedian this year.” Naomi also announced that first place act, in the Youth Division, of last years show, Radio Active will entertain during the ballot counting  after the performances.


Naomi Olson, President of Oceanside Theatre Company and director of North County’s Got Talent

Radio Active is a three-piece boy band (although they didn’t like that description) and they had only fooled around in the garage before they auditioned, performed and won. Pretty cool for them.” continued Naomi “The show was what motivated them to continue and take it seriously. Now they’ve played in LA and have gigs all over and at some pretty impressive places…and that we gave them their start and they’d love to perform for us. It made me feel so good.”

Cele Gannon, Singer-Guitarist performed for the first time at last years show and has been performing ever since. Cele will be performing at this years show as well.

Bobby Michaels has been playing a long time but will be performing in front of a crowd for the first time at this years show. “This show has brought me out of my cocoon.” said Michaels, “I write my own songs so no one knows when I make a mistake.”
Showtimes for North County’s Got Talent are; Saturday, August 30th at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, August 31st at 2:00 p.m. You can purchase tickets online at oceansidetheatre.org or by calling 760-433-8900.

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