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Shelby Sanborn, first place in the Youth Division

Results are in from North County’s Got Talent

Oceanside CA– The votes have been tabulated, results are in and the winners announced after the second annual North County’s Got Talent competition show at the Brooks Theatre. The show was put on by Oceanside Theatre Company with two sets of performances over the weekend.

Two winners from last years show returned to the Brooks to entertain the audience during breaks at the show. Carey Pickford, ‘The Really Cool Juggler’ opened the performances displaying the talent that won him first place in last years event. Radio Active, a three-piece rock band that took first place in the youth division entertained while the votes were being counted.

First place in the Adult division went to Cele Gannon who performed an original piece titled ‘Normal Mother’. Second place went to rookie performer, Bobby Michaels for his performance of a song he wrote ‘Take All the Time You Need.’

In the youth division it was Shelby Sanborn taking home the first place trophy. Despite several obstacles impeding her performance, Shelby turned in a flawless rendition of ‘Say Something’. A flock of seagulls chose the moment Shelby began singing to perch on top of the theater and put on their own show. Then someones cell phone rang. To top it off, the boom for the microphone was loose and the microphone kept dropping down, in slow motion, until it landed on the keyboard of the piano but Shelby never missed a beat.

Second place went to Jonathan Garis for his rendition of ‘Stars’ from Les Miserables with third place going to Lauren Witte for her tap dance routine to ‘Party in the USA’.

Click on any thumbnail image to enlarge. the photos are in order of performance.

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