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Notes and Quotes by Tom Morrow

September 7, 2014

by Tom Morrow

All of us depend upon “trust” in our everyday life; if we didn’t we couldn’t drive a car or go to the doctor.
We trust other drivers will stop at an intersection, yielding right-of-way; we “trust” a physician knows what he or she is doing, especially when they have a knife in their hand.
Okay, so sometimes trust is a matter of degree.
We trust the U.S. Postal Service with our bill payments and all other important mail – sometimes we hold our breath.
Sometimes we trust our government, but that gets into another debate.
We trust our money to financial institutions when we write or accept a check. Lately, that’s another area of concern.
But, you get the picture. None of us thinks too much about trust, but we couldn’t survive each day without it.
I trust these few paragraphs will give you pause the next time you hurl yourself down I-5 at 80 mph.
LOST & FOUND – Those of us on the shady side of 70 have one thing in common: ah, wait a minute – now I remember – our memory sometimes isn’t what it should be.
How many of you go from one room to the next, forgetting what we went there for? I’ve learned to retrace my steps until it comes back to me.
In a world piling up more knowledge and information than most of us can keep up our youngsters have to struggle to keep up with the basics.
I may not remember all that I’m supposed to … wait a minute, I’ve got to go back into the other room to finish this…
SAGE TRUTHS — “Sometimes I think war is God’s way of teaching us geography.” —- Paul Rodriguez


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