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News crews report from the scene of Wednesday's tragedy.

Oceanside Child Dead, Mother Hospitalized as OPD Investigates

Oceanside CA– A 22 month-old Oceanside child was dead and the mother hospitalized on Wednesday, September 10, 2014 at 7:45 p.m., when officers of the Oceanside Police Department responded to a call regarding CPR in progress to a residence at 330 Woodpark Way. Officers immediately began CPR on the 22 month old male juvenile.

Oceanside Fire Department paramedics arrived and continued life-saving measures. The child was ultimately pronounced dead at the scene. Officers found the 28 year old mother unconscious and unresponsive in a downstairs room.

Elijah Siluano who lives nearby and works security for a company that patrols the complex said neighbors heard screaming about an hour before police and the fire department arrived on the scene. “Everyone was getting real depressed when they heard about the child” continued Siluano. “The mother was screaming and thrashing around. It took seven police officers to hold her down.” Siluano also said the woman was complaining of a headache.

Paramedics attended to the mother and she was transported to Tri City Medical Center for additional medical treatment.

The victims were reportedly discovered by the child’s grandmother. Police say there was no forced entry to the residence. Oceanside Police were on the scene conducting a death investigation until 2:30 Thursday morning. The incident is being investigated as a homicide.