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Young entrepreneur, Alison Choi. Owner of ROYALIE

ROYALIE Boutique Brings Savvy Style to Oceanside

Oceanside CA – ROYALIE, a contemporary clothing retailer, specializing in international and local labels has opened its flagship boutique in Oceanside.
ROYALIE, 1935 S Coast Hwy, is the vision of 27-year-old entrepreneur Alison Choi. “I have had this vision since I was seven years-old traveling through New York and Chicago with my parents. I knew I wanted my name on a building.” continued Alison. ” I’ve always been an independent thinker.”

The name ROYALIE? “It’s a combo of my astrology sign- Leo which is a “royal” animal and my name for short is Alie. But pronounced like the word royally.” explained Alison

Alison began her fashion career at age 24. “I was really young and my parents thought I was crazy.” continued Alison “I started school at Cal State San Marcos but after a year, I knew I had a calling for something else.” Alison then went to school at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles and upon graduation began turning her vision into a reality. “I started with a traveling boutique, did home parties, trunk shows, pop-up shops pretty much anything to get out there.” Alison conitnued “I really had to work hard and stick to it and look what’s happening now because of my persistence. It definitely pays off to stick with it.”
Since its inception, ROYALIE has transformed from a pop-up shop to an e-commerce website and now the retail location 1935 S Coast Hwy in Oceanside. “It’s a simplified bohemian boutique with an edge but very feminine. I’m all about keeping your femininity.” Alison said describing the new shop which opened for the first time on September 15, 2014. “I like to cater to the independent thinker, the creative individual that has that passion for life, who wants to always do better, who wants to do more.”royalie_alison_choi02_osidenews

The merchandise is very affordable “I really strive on getting very affordable pieces because trends are constantly changing in fashion and we are constantly buying new things, as women.  It is really hard to keep up when a new shirt costs $300.00. You can get two or three outfits here for that.” said Alison “I’m all about affordability but always staying true to the quality of it.”

The shop features jewelry and clothing from local designers including Flor de Olas, swimwear designed in Oceanside. “I like to support the small and local designers since that is the way I began. We can all grow our businesses together.” Alison will be designing her own line of clothing, down the road, inspired by her independent thinking and her Korean heritage.

Alison will be adding a mural to the store that will change every year “Oceanside is evolving, there is so much changing. Young entrepreneurs, like myself that are energetic and are changing the aesthetics of Oceanside.” Alison added “We have a young vibrant community here in Oceanside.”
A Grand Opening celebration for ROYALIE is set for October 2, from 6pm until 9pm at 1935 s. Coast Hwy. The event will include a food truck, mobile bartender, DJ, raffles, give-aways and a vintage “Prop House”

“I’m thrilled to bring the ROYALIE style to Oceanside,” said, Alison “The boutique is more than just clothing it’s a lifestyle of like-minded individuals; free spirited and indie inspired.”

Store hours are 10:00am- 7:00pm Monday through Saturday and 11:00am- 5:00pm on Sunday. There is a website for the shop under development and should be up an running within a few weeks at http://www.shoproyalie.com

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