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San Diego’s Third CicloSDias Expects 12,000 People to Roll, Skip, Skate, Stroll Through Hillcrest

San Diego CA – The San Diego Bike Coalition announces that the third CicloSDias will cruise through Hillcrest on Sunday, November 9, inviting people to experience the neighborhood sans cars. From 10 a.m. – 3 p.m., particular streets in Hillcrest will close to automobiles and open for any and everyone to roll, skate, bike, scoot, stroll and dance in one of San Diego’s most lively neighborhoods. The Bicycle Coalition anticipates that local business will greatly benefit from the open streets event that will free the community from its usual auto congestion.

The third-ever CicloSDias directly follows the 2014 National Bicycle Tourism Conference on November 5-8 – hosted for the first time in San Diego. The conference brings together bicycle experts and advocates from around the country. With nationwide bicycle-lovers in town, CicloSDias hopes to expose the eccentric character of Hillcrest and introduce San Diego as a leader in open-streets celebrations.

The San Diego Bike Coalition, an organization advocating for and protecting the rights of all people who ride bicycles, remains the main CicloSDias organizer and sponsor. According to Executive Director Andy Hanshaw, this event means slowing life down for one day.

“Without the stress of car traffic and the hassle of parking, people from all over the region have the opportunity to rediscover these streets and enjoy them in a new way,” says Hanshaw. “Whether that means trying a new local restaurant or coffee shop or simply walking and chatting with new friends or neighbors, CicloSDias has something for everyone to enjoy.”

San Diego’s open-streets celebration, CicloSDias, has proven to not only bring communities together but boost local business and neighborhood pride along the way. The first-ever CicloSDias brought nearly 10,000 San Diegans out on August 11, 2013, to scoot, skate and ride in 5.2 miles of car-free streets through Golden Hill, North Park and South Park. On March 30, 2014, the second CicloSDias brought more than 12,000 people out to play in 2.5 miles of open streets in one of San Diego’s most popular coastal communities- Pacific Beach. Everything from four-person bicycles to derby teams made appearances as streets come to life and local businesses overflow with customers.

As the date approaches, more specific information will be available on the route and opportunities to get involved. In the meantime, roll with CicloSDias at www.ciclosdias.com or email the organizers at info@ciclosdias.com. For daily updates, follow on Facebook and Twitter. Also visit www.sdcbc.org for more information on other local cycling events in San Diego.