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Coaster to McCartney Concert at Petco Park, Sunday

Oceanside CA– Ride the COASTER to the Paul McCartney Concert at Petco Park on September 28th and avoid the parking fees and traffic.

Buy a Coaster Ticket
  • Purchase your COASTER tickets online (Trolley ticket must be purchased separately at Santa Fe Depot)
  • Or, purchase a $12 Region Plus Day Pass at any Ticket Vending Machine at the station (includes COASTER and Trolley) by selecting “Current Promotions.”
How to Get to Petco Park
  1. Ride south to Santa Fe Depot and cross to the Trolley platform.
  2. Board the San Diego Trolley Green Line headed toward the Convention Center.
  3. Get off at 12th and Imperial, or at the Gaslamp stop.(This is only one Trolley route suggestion. Other Trolley lines can also be used.)


While on board COASTER, Civility Rules!
  • Drunk and disorderly?
  • Profanity?
  • Loud music and no headphones?
  • Feet on the seats?
  • Sitting in seats reserved for those with disabilities?

Not only is that the kind of behavior that makes you very unpopular with the other riders, but it is against NCTD’s passenger rules. Remember, CIVILITY RULES!

And if you forget . . . the NCTD code enforcement officers and Sheriff’s Deputies will be happy to remind you. Read the complete Rules of Riding here.

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