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Antonio DuPont and Joe Yag along with teammate Curtis Dunne are the new Nail and Sail champs.

PD Dethroned in Nail and Sail at Oceanside Harbor Days

Oceanside CA– The 2014 Oceanside Harbor Days festivities came to an end on Sunday with a new champion in the Nail and Sail event. In Nail and Sail, teams have two hours to put a boat together capable of racing across the harbor and back, carrying two people. In recent years, the event has been dominated by teams from the Oceanside Police Department, Harbor Division.

“They row so well together as a team.” said Joe Yag speaking of the police department team. Joe along with teammates Antonio DuPont and Curtis Dunne dethroned the reining champs. “Our boat was faster. We have a brand new design this year. Our boat was three feet longer than last years design.” continued Joe “and practice. We practiced our rowing a lot.”

It was a photo finish for second place between the OPD entry and the entry from the ‘Two Hour Yacht Club’  as the boats hit the dock simultaneously.’Two Hour Yacht Club’ was declared the second place boat. The ‘THYC’ crew Allen, Robert and John Bakalyar have turned Harbor Days into a family reunion event. “We have family here from as far away as Huntsville Alabama” said Allen. The three Bakalyar’s are engineers. “Getting second place is great but we are most proud of our ‘Best Craftsmanship’ award.” Allen said. “We are happy to hear from the crews that recycle the boats, at the end of the race, that our boat is always the hardest to tear a part.” added John. “This is such a great event. People spend two hours building a boat, then sink before they even leave the dock and still have a lot of fun.” Allen said.

Aaron and Mike Robinson were on one of those teams that sank early in the race in what Mike called “Nail and Fail number 5.”

The preliminary rounds were not without drama. Clearly beaten, the Oceanside Lifeguard team of Ryan Bingham and Matt Mattison went after the OPD crew of John Hoover and David Cunniff and grabbed a hold of their boat. The lifeguard boat overturned and the crew spilled out as the OPD boat slipped from their grasp and continued on to win the heat.

The 2014 Harbors Days opened on Saturday with a proclamation given to Katherine Wyeste-Reilly dedicating the 2014 Harbor Days in honor of her grandfather, Aaron Sklar. Sklar was instrumental in the development building of Oceanside Harbor.

Below are some images from the weekend festivities. Click on any thumbnail image to enlarge photo and begin slideshow.

photos:Steve Marcotte / OsideNews
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